Structured Cabling System

Structured Cabling System Market Forecast

Structured cabling system consists of a variety of cables as well as connectivity products that are used to build a standard communication cabling infrastructure in a building or office. A variety of management systems are integrated to facilitate transmission of data, video and voice signals. Like any other industry, the structured cabling system industry has witnessed its share of highs and lows. However, over the last few years it has enjoyed a more or less healthy growth rate. Market pundits forecast a pretty healthy growth rate in the coming years.

Structured Cabling System – Looking Ahead

The structured cabling system market is expanding like never before and the future looks extremely bright. Penetration of internet and demand for high-speed internet connections are the two foremost contributors to its growth. Some of the structured cabling system market drivers include the increase in demand of LED lighting, migration from analog to IP-based surveillance systems and higher usage of FTTP/FTTH.

Businesses of all sizes, small as well as big, need higher bandwidth to carry out multiple essential communication activities. In order to support the increasing data traffic, the need for fiber optics for connectivity is also increasing. IT & Telecommunication will be the biggest market of structured cabling system that any other verticals. All major data center infrastructure providing companies and telecom operators are in need of structured cabling system products or services.

North America has witnessed considerable expansion in communication infrastructure coupled with growth in convergence of data centers. All this has propelled a higher adoption rate of automation systems both at home and in industry. Thus, the region has a bigger share in the global market of structured cabling system.

Even Brighter Future

By the year 2020, the global market for structured cabling system is projected to achieve the $13.13 billion. The CAGR of 9.0% has been taken into account for the time period of 2015-2020. All the above projections forecast a very satisfying growth for the structured cabling system market.

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