VoIP Phone Solutions for Philadelphia Businesses

There are a lot of ways you can find value with VoIP phone system solutions of the cloud-based variety for businesses in Philadelphia. The fees are based on the number of people who access the system, so you’ll never pay for more than is being used. And for those who do, the cost is a dollar per day for every user. That’s something you can certainly live with. You’ll get free local and long-distance minutes, which are great for a small business, with other plans available for very large businesses and their accompanying requirements.

As far as software upgrades are concerned, you don’t have to worry about those, or about the maintenance costs, if you are working within a cloud-based phone system solution. There is no IT infrastructure to worry yourself about.

Business VoIP Options

What small businesses like about Business VoIP phone systems is that through a system such as VIPedge, for example, it allows them to project an image of being a much bigger business, and that can be important sometimes. You can have features such as call managing through soft phone, which is accessible through a laptop or desktop; voice mail service with unified messaging, and advanced call processing. There are, in point of fact, lots and lots of features.

Disaster Recovery

And management is at a central location, which is powerful when it comes to disaster recovery capability. In other words, you’ve got plenty of backup. When you’re accessing through the cloud, it’s Toshiba’s concern, not yours, and you’ll be updated with the latest in terms of all components. All you have to do is buy or lease telephones and routers.

If you are indeed a large-scale business, however, you can easily work with a system that is installed and maintained in site, using VoIP technology, such as IPedge. Either way, it is likely that with the help of consultation that would come from the authorized dealer of Toshiba products near you, there will be a way for any phone system you employ to save you money.

Choose from on-premise or cloud-based telephone solutions that have sophisticated communication features.

  • Pure IP Telephone System: IPedge IP Telephone Systems are software-centric, unified communications platforms designed for organizations who want an all IP network infrastructure; organizations realize the benefits of managing a single network
  • Converged IP Telephone System: Strata CIX IP Telephone Systems are ideal for organizations who want a mix of IP, digital, and analog endpoint devices connected to their system along with IP telephony and unified communications applications
  • Cloud-Based Telephone Solution: VIPedge Cloud Telephone System provides a cloud service alternative to buying a telephone system. Users get similar feature-rich functionality as an on-premise, Toshiba IPedge business telephone system.