New inventions are overwhelming us every day. Technical developments are continuously transforming our lifestyle. It amazes us when we think of human evolution, and along with it, the scientific developments through different periods.  When Graham Bell invented telephone the world was surprised. With the advent of mobile telephone system, the whole scenario changed and it became the talk of the planet. Now it is the time for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a telecommunication revolution whereby you can make long distant calls and international calls using Internet without paying a dime extra. VoIP has totally changed telephony experience. Crystal clear sound, cheap call rates and additional features like call hold, conference, local directory, call transfer have made Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to score success over conventional telephone systems. In VoIP, your voice communication gets changed into digital data and then transmitted through the Internet. Indeed, VoIP is a new revolution in telecommunications.

IP Telephone NorristownAcross the world, in almost all developed and developing nations, VoIP service is available through a variety of service providers. You may simply use your home telephone set along with an adapter, laptop, personal computer fitted with speakers and microphone, tablet or even a smartphone to make calls using VoIP technology. The service providers will provide you with all necessary application software and other required hardware and gadgets for your VoIP.

Phone America is proud to offer IP/VoIP communication in Norristown Pennsylvania, United States. Being a prosperous agricultural region and a city with extensive cigar, knitting machines, hosiery, shirts, rugs and carpet manufacturing units, people lead a prosperous life and love modern lifestyles.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is undoubtedly a great boon for the people of Norristown as many of the family members live in other states, or are settled in other countries for education or work purpose. Moreover, the people need regular contact with suppliers and customers in other states or even other nations regarding sale of agro and manufactured products. Therefore, for the people of Norristown, VoIP is the best choice.

We at PhoneAM are proud to bring the best and latest telecommunication systems to Norristown. We provide all sorts of telecommunication solutions to individuals, small, medium and big business houses and even to call centers with latest state of the art telecommunication systems, gadgets and service. We bring to Norristown Toshiba products that will simply make you spellbound with their diversity, quality, features, and capabilities.

IP Communication Systems in Norristown

With Toshiba’s latest IP Communication systems – IPEdge – PhoneAM empowers you to increase your productivity, earn goodwill, save money and improve customer satisfaction level. You can now keep communication between your employees, vendors and customers under your management and full control. With IPedge technology you can easily let your business grow by expanding capacity and improving integration between decentralized locations. Toshiba IPedge comes in 3 models: IPedge EP (40 users per server), IPedge EP (200 users per server) and IPedge EM (1000 users per server).

IP Telephone System in Norristown

PhoneAM brings to you Toshiba’s state-of-the-art telephones and consoles specially designed to manage all telephony needs of any workplace. These are user-friendly devices with rich features and high performance. All modern communication can be supported by Toshiba’s IP5000 series, IP4100 series, DP-5000 series digital telephones and all IP Telephones.

Digital Telephones in NorristownVoip Telephone Norristown

PhoneAm presents the best of digital telephones from Toshiba in Norristown. DP-5000 series researched and developed by Toshiba is a revolutionary product in the digital telephone segment. Now you can easily provide your employees with the very best telephony experience. With latest features and state of the art gadget, your business will boom to great heights. Available in different models, DP-5000 series is the most sophisticated and flexible telecommunication device for your workplace.

Cloud Based Telephone system

PhoneAM offers to Norristown Toshiba’s VIPEdge™ cloud based telephone solutions for your growing business. Toshiba’s  VIPEdge® is an enterprise level telephone system that has features used by Fortune 500 companies. Toshiba’s VIPEdge supports many of the same Toshiba endpoint devices including Toshiba’s IP5000 series desk telephones besides IP4100 series wireless telephones. VIPEdge offers the best alternative to conventional telephone systems. You simply need to pay a monthly subscription based upon size and usage. You need not lease or purchase the telephone PBX system, which makes it the most cost effective telephone system in Norristown.

Enriched features including voicemail with unified messaging, Call manager, controlling the calls from a PC and backed by Toshiba’s state of the art technology makes VIPEdge the best telephone solutions for you.

PhoneAM and IP/VoIP Communication in Norristown

Come, share and explore our world of Toshiba range of telecommunication solutions and be the winner. PhoneAM has been working with Toshiba for long and has extensive knowledge on their products and services. All our technicians are trained and retrained by Toshiba.

We do understand that the plethora of products and services available will be confusing. That is where our knowledge and experience comes in. We will understand your current telecommunication infrastructure and discuss with you to see what you are looking for over, say, the next five years. We will the suggest a configuration that starts small to fit your current budget and expands as your grow. Whether you go in for IP Telephony (IPEdge) or cloud based telephony systems (VIPEdge) is a matter of smart decision making based on your requirements. Our expertise and knowledge will help you take these decisions easily and with confidence. Once the configuration is finalized, we will the go about installing the necessary products and service in your office. Though most of the systems and devices are easy to use, we will always be glad to offer training where needed.

PhoneAM also offers maintenance and repair services as well as upgrades for all your communication needs.

Call us today for the best possible communication solutions in Norristown.