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Paging Systems have evolved a long way, and offer specialized features for education, healthcare, transportation, armed forces, and commercial and industrial units.

Modern paging systems also have the ability to work as a part of your VoIP and Unified Communication solutions. For example, our paging systems can be integrated to your VoIP phones for mass notification announcements, emergency situations or general announcements. In addition, using SIP, our paging systems can be connected to your IP-PBX. This way, you can reach any employee of your company who has a VoIP extension with any kind of message. With a connection established between the IP-PBX and the paging gateway, you can actually call from outside and communicate to as many people as you want. Here are some of the paging systems that we offer.

Loudspeaker Paging

Loudspeaker Paging

Loudspeaker Paging

Overhead loudspeaker paging is essential to almost every business. You can immediately communicate with everyone, a select group, or only a select area. You can also group two or more areas or zones into group calls. As you may know, overhead paging systems are critical for urgent notifications.  Paging notifications can be provided through speakers, horns, visual signs, and even screen pop-ups on your computer. The loudspeaker paging has the following benefits:

  • Find people who are not at their desk
  • Increase safety and security
  • Mass notification
  • Notify everyone during emergencies and evacuation
  • Talkback paging for receiving important information
  • Management of door security
  • Background music
  • School bells

Our paging system can be installed over UTP wiring as one-way or talkback analog paging. In addition, we also have IP-based one-way and talkback paging, which allows IP-based speaker selection and can be linked to legacy PA systems as well as legacy PBX.


PhoneAmerica offers Valcom Loudspeaker Paging solutions. Improve the productivity, efficiency, and security for your organization by installing a Valcom Loudspeaker Paging system.

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