IP and VoIP Communication in Philadelphia

We are living in a fast moving world and technology is a constantly changing phenomenon that is affecting our lives. It is really amazing to see that our lives have been completely changed with the fast moving technical developments during the past century. Communication is one such aspect of our lives that has been completely metamorphosed with the help of the tools invented over the past century. Once upon a time Graham Bell made a breakthrough that changed the way we communicated over long distances and, taking a cue from this invention, scientists started finding out ways to enhance and better the use of telephones. Now, we have mobile and satellite phones to get in touch with people from two different ends of the world – a giant technological leap for mankind! The latest communication tool that is in vogue is VoIP service. Who would have thought of this new miracle even a decade back?

Voip Telephone PhiladelphiaVoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that transforms analog signals to digital signals for transmitting over a secured communication network or Internet. All over the world, VoIP is a service that has changed the way people are communicating. VoIP has done a world of good to the way we send voice messages or data over long distances. Some of the biggest advantages of a VoIP system is that users need not worry about the set up too much as this is taken care of by the service providing companies and costs associated with this service is very affordable. Users just need to have to have a telephone set with an adapter, a PC fitted with microphone and speakers, a smartphone, or, even a tablet to enjoy VoIP services.

There are numerous VoIP service providers who sell VoIP service and all a customer would need to do is subscribe to their service to enjoy uninterrupted VoIP communication. The service providers would give the users all the necessary software (or the dialer) support or any other hardware equipment needed. The user just needs to subscribe and enjoy!

Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. It is also the 5th most populous city in the US. Philadelphia is the economic hub of Pennsylvania and it houses some of the most famous Fortune 500 companies along with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.  The population of this city is blessed with a great weather and all the modern amenities that a developed world city can think of. Since, the city houses many businesses, VoIP is becoming the preferred choice of business communication.

PhoneAM is proud to announce that it is one of the biggest IP/VoIP service provider and is relied upon by many business houses and residents for their daily business and personal communication needs.  Our telecommunication systems form the backbone of various businesses located in the city and we maintain one of the finest team of networking and telecom engineers to provide premium quality services to all our customers. We are Toshiba’s technology partner and are offering the complete range of Toshiba telecommunication products and gadgets that would certainly leave you craving for more.

Here is a list of the services and offers that we are providing to the residents of Philadelphia:

IP Communication System in Philadelphia

PhoneAM is bringing to you the latest IP communication tools that have been developed by Toshiba. We are here to increase your productivity, save money, enhance growth and enjoy great goodwill in the business world for you. If you are worried about the growing demand of business communication to enhance the productivity levels of your employees or are struggling with customer satisfaction issues, then it is time that you subscribe to IPEdge communication systems from Toshiba. The IPEdge helps you to improve your business communication system, thus resulting in unhindered growth. You would be able to integrate all your remote business establishments and keep a tab on all the communication by unifying it. The 3 Toshiba IPedge model available from us are: IPedge EP (40 users per server), IPedge EP (supports 200 users per server) and IPedge EM (supports 1000 users per server).

IP Telephones in PhiladelphiaIP Phone Philadelphia

PhoneAM presents a plethora of consoles and telephones that have been specifically designed to address your growing communication needs. The devices are not only user friendly but also come packed with a lot of advanced features.

Toshiba’s IP5000 series, IP4100 series and DP-5000 series digital telephones are some of our most popular products. We offer the best installation and maintenance service in the city.

Cloud Telephone Systems in Philadelphia

PhoneAM brings to you the latest service on offing from Toshiba’s – the VIPEdge™ cloud based telephone communication solution. This telephone system is packed with rich and advanced features to enable smooth business communication to help your business grow. It supports endpoint devices like the Toshiba IP4100 series wireless telephones and IP5000 series desk telephones. You can subscribe for the services depending upon your budget and communication needs. Toshiba’s VIPEdge offers enterprise level IP telephony at as low as 24.99 per month. There are absolutely no capital costs as you are not installing any PBX in your office. And, you will get the same level of features and capability whether you choose a 4 user system or a 400 user system.

PhoneAM and IP/VoIP Communication in Philadelphia

There are many other communication devices from Toshiba that we are offering.  Call us today and we will explain all the great range of Toshiba telecommunication products which would enhance your business communication experience. Philadelphia has always been known to a city of innovations, so it is time that you show the same zeal in trying out the all the telecommunication products and services we are offering.

Phone America has been working with Toshiba for a long time. As one of their partners, we have factory trained technicians who have extensive knowledge on all Toshiba Telecom products. From sizing your requirements, to suggesting the right configuration to installing and maintain the products, you can not find a better organization for your telecommunication needs in Philadelphia. Call us today for all your telecommunication needs in Philly!