VoIP Business Phone Systems in Philadelphia

VoIP phone system works over your computer network. In reality you can do away with your regular phone connections completely. PSTN providers such as AT&T have applied to the Federal Authorities to allow them to stop providing PSTN service and focus on Net connectivity. For you, as a user, this is the right time to switch. Look at the advantages that a VoIP phone service provides:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Call anyone – on an IP Network, land line, or mobile
  3. Unlimited Calls on local and national networks
  4. SIP trunking with low rates for international calls
  5. Rich features
  6. Rich media services
  7. Number portability
  8. Integration with other applications
  9. Complete control in your hands
  10. More than just voice

There is simply no doubt that the future of communication is VoIP.

For businesses and residents in Philadelphia, Norristown, Reading PA, and Wilmington DE, Phone America offers a host of services to get you quickly on to a business phone system that uses VoIP as a communication medium.

IP-PBX Servers in Philadelphia

For those who want complete control and high level of security, we offer the award winning IP-PBX servers from Toshiba. The IPedge™ is an advanced server that can start with 40 users and can grow to thousands of servers. You get all the features that you dreamt of in VoIP with the IPedge.

The Strata CIX™ IP communication system comes in 6 models that can support 1000 of users, and a combination of IP and regular PSTN trunk lines.

Hosted or Cloud Based IP Phone System in Philadelphia

For those who are a little hesitant to install their own servers, or do not have the size to justify that investment, we have the ideal solution – VIPEdge™ from Toshiba. VIPEdge is a premier cloud based business telephone system that delivers all the features of the powerful IPedge. Toshiba has installed multiple IPedges in a secure data center. You can subscribe to as many connections as you want, even starting with just a single connection. And prices start at an attractive $24.99 per user month.

Digital Telephones in Philadelphia

We can install and programme the advanced digital phones from Toshiba as your VoIP Phones. The 5000 series of digital phones use the long legacy that Toshiba has of making legendary phones that deliver pure digital clarity. Available with a 9 line backlit LCD or a 4 line backlit LCD, these phones support programmable buttons, off hook call announcements and all the features you are used to with your current phones.

Also available is a CIX attendant console that gives you complete control and management of all calls. This feature is very useful for call centers that need to provide call details to an executive.

IP Telephones in Philadelphia

We also present the telephones made especially for VoIP business communication – the IP 5000 series. These IP Phones come with integrated Gigabit Ethernet switches that allow them to be connected to a network port directly. These phones can be programmed to become an IP end point directly without the need for any computer.

With large backlit displays, these IP phones support on screen prompts that help you complete common tasks. They come with programmable one-touch buttons for fast access to calling functions.

The Toshiba IP Phones are expandable. You can add the LM5110 that displays an additional 10 programmable buttons or the IDM5060 that you can use to add 60 programmable buttons.

From small to enterprise scale call centers, the Toshiba IP Series 5000 is the ideal IP Telephone. Call us today to understand how these phones can increase your productivity.

IP Mobility in Philadelphia

Hate the idea of sitting on a desk and answering calls? No problem. We will extend your VoIP phone system to mobile devices within and outside your office. Want to attend a conference call when you are driving home? Easily done with award winning hardware and software combination from Toshiba.

There are multiple ways we can give you mobility. Call us today for details.

SIP Trunking in Philadelphia

If you do business with a lot of international companies, you do have to have access to their telephone systems. How do I do that when I am completely on an IP network? Simple – SIP trunking.

Making and receiving calls from a PSTN can be done in two ways. If you have an IP-PBX in the office and have both IP and PSTN lines, a small piece of hardware/software combination will switch your calls between the IP and PSTN network. SIP trunking is when this switching is done by an external party called ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider). An ITSP acts as a switching exchange. From you to the ITSP all connections are through an IP network. When you need to make a call to or receive a call from a landline of mobile number, the ITSP will route your call through the least expensive telephone network.

Phone America will work with you to understand your call pattern. We will then analyse the options available in the market for ITSPs and offer to you the optimal solutions that will be efficient and cost effective. Our association with Toshiba and a number of ITSPs give us the bargaining power to get you the best possible rates.

Call us today to set up your SIP trunking system.

Form installing an IP-PBX to programming your IP phone systems to setting you up with SIP Trunking service, Phone America has the knowledge and experience to help you make the right decision for your VoIP business phone service. Since we also do structured cabling, our capabilities cover all the services needed to get you on to the Internet phone system effortlessly and efficiently.

Unified Communications in Philadelphia

Our Unified Communications  suite integrates office phones, voice mail. Email, video conferencing, instant messaging, etc., into a cohesive and powerful communication medium for you. The UC suite delivers the following features:

  • Presence & Instant Messaging
  • Outbound dialing from any application
  • Desktop call control
  • CRM integration
  • One number access
  • Off premises call forwarding
  • Video Collaboration and conferencing
  • Unified Messaging
  • Remote connection and mobility

PhoneAmerica in Philadelphia

At PhoneAmerica, we have been delivering high quality IP and VoIP communication services to our clients.

Call us today to understand how we can implement unified communications and integrate your VoIP phone service, calendaring, and your computer systems into a cohesive communication platform.

Call PhoneAmerica today for all your internet phone service requirements in Philadelphia, Norristown, Reading PA, and Wilmington DE. We are simply the best VoIP service providers in town.