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Grievances of IP Phone System Users

VoIP is the new–age technology. There is no doubt about it. More and more businesses are opting for this new mode of telecommunication. It is cost effective and, more importantly, it is based on Internet or IP technology. Besides, it molds various modes of communications into one. However, the thing is that an IP phone system is not without is its own issues. It has its own share of limitations, and these limitations can lead to grievances for its users.

Let’s look into some of the issues that the users of VoIP raise.

Voice Quality of IP Phone System

It is a fact that VoIP-based technology delivers a superior quality of voice. However, this only becomes a reality when two conditions are satisfied. Firstly, phones of the callers as well as the receivers need to support HD codec. This means, the calls involving the PSTN technology do not qualify to enjoy the benefit of IP phone system. When you use PSTN technology phones, the voice quality drops. Thus, this provokes a lot of concerns from IP phone system users. This particularly happens when one calls people without VoIP technology.

The other condition is that the bandwidth, which is used to complete the call, is sufficient enough to transfer the HD data. In most of the cases, users meet the second condition when they have an unlimited plan with a good bandwidth speed. When the voice traffic shoots up in terms of volume, so does the demand for bandwidth. Thus, IP phone system traffic gets affected. This gives rise to call drops and other associated instances. Naturally, when this happens, users raise their concerns and demand this issue to be addressed and solved.

Call Delays in IP Phone System

VoIP communication gets delayed with limited resources. This mainly happens when there is a poor and ineffective management of bandwidth and is not necessarily a shortcoming or fallacy of IP phone system. Regular PSTN lines are generally dedicated. This means these lines cannot be used for any other purpose. However, in the case of IP phone system, since there are no dedicated lines, other traffic interferes with the VoIP bandwidth. This affects the quality of performance. In order to stop that from happening, a sophisticated mechanism for traffic control must come into effect.

Power Outages

Another shortcoming of IP phone system that raises grievances from the part of the users is that the technology is fully dependent on electricity. Thus, if by any chance there is a power disruption or outage, the IP phone system connection gets snapped. This mainly happens as the modems, VoIP servers as well as the other infrastructure and equipment depend entirely on the availability of power.

The solution to this issue, of course, is ensuring that there is enough redundancy as well as an adequate system backup. These two factors ensure that the voice traffic keeps flowing. Thus, these are certain occasions when the calls drop or the quality deteriorates, thereby upsetting the IP phone system users.

In spite of the fact that IP phone system comes up with a lot of value-added features and never before seen advantages, it does have its own limitations. These limitations cause enough frustration to the users, thereby letting them raise grievances against a new age technology that has taken the world of telecommunication by storm.

A lot depends on the VoIP service provider. If a particular service provider gathers users beyond their capability, they will not be able to deliver quality. They might be ready to accept that a percentage of their users will be unhappy. But, you certainly do not want to be in that percentage. Choose your service provider carefully after understanding what they are offering, and their infrastructure and service capabilities.

Reliable IP Phone Systems Through PhoneAM

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