IP and VoIP Communication in Reading PA

It is very interesting to see how technical advances have affected our lifestyle and brought us to a point where we have improved our lives by a huge margin. Communication has always taken precedence over any other thing in human lives and for centuries we have been trying to invent new and better modes of communication. From using pigeons to telegraph, radio signals to telephones we have tried to enhance the way we communicate with people over large distances. Every time there is a new invention, human beings have tried to put it to their best use and improve their capability. A few decades back Internet was the biggest invention that helped people send and receive messages over a secured network. Now, it is time for enhancing the strength of Internet and extends it to overlap other communication tools like telephone, fax and data transfer.  VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the new rage in the communication world and from individuals to business houses, people are trying to make the most of this system.

IP phone ReadingVoIP is the latest tool to enhance communication by a very large margin. This is a combination of both telephone and the Internet giving rise to a system that provides robust communication over large distances without compromising on quality. VoIP is all about transformation of analog signals to digital signals for transmitting over long distances. The devices required to connect to a VoIP service are a PC connected to a microphone and speakers, or a regular telephone with an adapter. If you do not have a PC, your smartphone or tablet would do just fine. In addition to a device, you also need to subscribe to a VoIP service in order to access the network. There are several service providers in the market and they offer attractive packages on their VoIP services. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget best.

As is the case with most of the developed cities in the US, Reading too has a wide VoIP coverage that can be used by its residents and business owners. Located in the state of Pennsylvania, USA, Reading is a thriving business hub. There are many major business houses located in the city. All these business centers need to keep a seamless communication system at their disposal; hence, the need for VoIP services is immensely felt. VoIP has the capability to power the business houses with the necessary communication infrastructure.

PhoneAM is proud to bring the latest and best telecommunication systems to Reading. We provide all types of telecommunication solutions to individuals, business houses (small, medium and big) and even to contact centers. We bring to Reading for the very first time Toshiba products that would surprise you with their capabilities and features.

IP Communication Systems In Reading PA

Toshiba’s latest IP communication systems are here to make a world of difference to the way you maintain your business communication. With the latest tools in place, you would be able to increase the productivity of your employees, cut down on your overhead costs and at the same time enjoy seamless communication services. With IPEdge technology, you can integrate all your decentralized locations and communicate effortlessly with all your clients and vendors. Toshiba IPedge comes in 3 models: IPEdge EP (40 users per server), IPEdge EP (200 users per server) and IPEdge EM (1000 users per server).

IP Telephone System In Reading PAVoIP Phone Reading

PhoneAM presents Toshiba’s state-of-the-art telephones and consoles tailor-made to manage all telephonic needs of any workplace. These are user-friendly packed with very rich features. Toshiba’s IP5000 series, IP4100 series, DP-5000 series digital telephones and all IP Telephones are the ideal answers to all your communication needs. Designed for IP communication, the IP series work seamlessly in your VoIP networks. Take a call anywhere, move to a new place, continue with your call all over the office.

PhoneAM offers installation, maintenance and post sales service by expert technicians trained by Toshiba.

Cloud Based Telephone System In Reading PA

PhoneAM brings Toshiba’s VIPEdge™ cloud based telephone solutions to cater to your fast paced business communication needs. Toshiba’s VIPedge® telephone system is latest of the VoIP tools that have the capability to give your business communication the right boost it needs. Toshiba’s VIPEdge cloud telephony supports many of the same Toshiba endpoint devices such as the IPEdge, including Toshiba’s IP5000 series desk telephones besides IP4100 series wireless telephones. Enriched features including voicemail with unified messaging, call manager controlling the calls from a PC makes VIPEdge the best telephone solutions for you. A very powerful enterprise level IPBX or Internet based PBX is hosted by Toshiba. Dependiong upon your immediate requirements, you can subscribe to the the number of connections and features that suit your best. And, as you grow, you can just add to the features and number of connections. Whether you subcribe to 4 or 4000 connections, you gat all the features that you want.

PhoneAM and IP/VoIP Communication in Reading PA

IP and VoIP services offered by PhoneAM give your business the communication edge you have been looking for. If you are a Reading based business owner and are serious about getting a larger market share then it is time that you call us. The winning strategy that everyone looks in his/her business is nothing but seamless and timely business communication. Timely business communication can get your projects and new clients without any hiccups. Most large corporation has a very structured business communication and they try to integrate all their communication tools on a single platform so that every business communication ends up being successful. Unified communication helps business houses maintain not only internal communication but also communication with clients and vendors.

With our long term association with Toshiba, we can study your needs, understand your budgets, and install the ideal IP based communication for you. With expert technicians trained by Toshiba, you just cannot go wrong when you use our services. Call us today!