Why More Businesses Are Migrating to Cloud Services

When it comes to implementing voice and data solutions, businesses now have more choices – on-premises systems, public or private cloud, or a mix of both. For businesses struggling with procuring and maintaining their own servers and software, it may make more sense to rely on the cloud.

Public cloud solutions provide subscribers with pay-as-you-go information technology and voice services that originate from an off-site data center. The provider’s infrastructure is highly secure, properly equipped and professionally managed. Critical voice and data services are provided across internet protocol (IP) networks, such as broadband internet, or high-speed private data networks. Voice is treated as just another IP application so that data and voice share the same network connections.

High Availability

The off-site data center in the cloud becomes a “virtual” resource that can be accessed from any location and any device. Users simply log in with their web browser on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Remote users can view their personalized desktop and can use the applications and services as easily as they would back at the office. With every log in, “virtual” desktop and voice users automatically get the most updated versions of everything they need.

When a server goes down in the cloud, a redundant system immediately takes over. If a connection goes down, voice and data traffic are handed off to another connection. If there is a power outage, a generator or fuel cell array takes over. If a remote site loses its local connection, mobile devices can still connect via a wireless provider.

Operational Efficiency

Voice and IT cloud arrangements not only allow short-staffed businesses to minimize their equipment needs, they eliminate new hardware purchases, software upgrades and security patches too. Here’s what else to expect for your organization:

  • Fewer servers and less system hardware means less real estate, and lower power and cooling requirements.
  • Better management tools let you improve your server-to-admin personnel ratio.
  • Migrate and back up your virtual voice environment with no interruption in user service and recover quickly from unexpected outages.
  • Resources and personnel traditionally devoted to maintaining separate voice and IT systems and networks now can refocus on developing new apps and services that help grow the business.
  • Respond faster to market changes with dynamic resource management, server provisioning, and streamlined desktop and application deployment. Need to add a user? Just point and click.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Businesses now have the best of both worlds to choose from for all their voice and data needs. Those that require complete control or have unique custom requirements often go with on-premises systems.

Those that want advanced capabilities, but prefer them on a pay-as-you-go basis, will find the cloud a worthy alternative. Those with multiple office locations have the flexibility to use a mix of both on-premises systems and cloud services, and integrate all of their sites into a unified network.

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