Why SIP Trunks Are Becoming a Popular Phone Line Replacement

SIP Trunks are becoming a popular replacement for traditional phone lines because they offer cost savings, flexibility and features…

  • On top of unlimited nationwide calling – including Canada – you can save up to 40% on your monthly phone bill.
  • You can also transfer calls between your locations and/or enable advanced call routing features.
  • Automatic call failover to a mobile phone or other number if you experience a power outage or disruption.

More advantages…

  • Nationwide support for all your office locations.
  • Get local phone numbers for every office location and SIP supports centralized call handling for multiple sites.
  • Leverage your SIP bandwidth to eliminate the need for separate voice and data circuits.
  • Centralized billing for multi-location businesses.

Let PhoneAmerica show you a better way to connect your business and lower your phone bills with SIP Trunks. We’ll tally the projected savings and manage the implementation details for you. Contact us today at (610) 296-2850.


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