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Top 6 Reasons For Mobile Unified Communications Growth

Mobile unified communications is becoming the hot topic in VoIP today. Let is see why.

Competition in the market is cut-throat these days. To make a difference in such competitive environment, you are left with little options but to embrace technology. Only technology can make things simpler and faster. If you are worried about communications, then unified communications (UC) is the best way to provide a solution. There are many reasons why UC technology is growing in popularity. Some of them being mobility, flexible access, and varied collaboration tools.

Now, UC can be premises-based or mobile based. It is found that mobile UC is more popular than premise based one. The primary reason for popularity is in the name itself, it is ‘mobile.’ Yes, as cloud-based UC gives freedom of movement to the executives, the demand for it is rising day by day. Let’s find out the reason why there is growth in Mobile Unified Communications.

#1 Power to the User

When you get certain privileges while working with varied tools, you will look for them everywhere. This is true for UC too. Professionals habituated with UC applications at their workplace will crave for them everywhere in other office locations, on the road, and at their home.

However, is it possible for enterprises based UC to give this support? The answer is NO. Technology based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) cannot support this as switching devices will not be possible.

On the other hand, in Mobile Unified Communications the systems are built around users and not devices. So, wherever you go if you have access to the internet available there you can use your systems to do anything that you do while sitting right at your office desk.

#2 On-Premises UC Is Complex Than Cloud UC

As already mentioned, onsite UC is developed on Session Initiation Protocol. Thus, it is built on devices. There is a different functionality of each device that has to be managed by professionals. It is more complex that cloud-based UC as there everything is delivered after completing things on the cloud. Your concern does not have to think about the complex procedure of maintaining and managing each device. You just need to use the features from Mobile Unified Communications.

#3 On-site UC is Costly

This is true that with the help of UC businesses can improve their performance a lot. However, with that, they need to have a strong IT team who will manage the intricacies of on-site UC devices. Moreover, as technology will bring about new enhancements of the present devices, you need to change them to keep an updated system. This will increase the capital investment. In comparison to this when you use mobile Unified Communications as Software as a Service you do not have to do all this. Just pay the subscription amount and the services are there at your fingertips.

#4 Manage All Communications Online

Another benefit derived from mobile Unified Communications is that it allows managing all the communications online. Different SaaS provider has their IT staffs that are controlling the Web portals. So, when you are using it if you face any problem, it can be managed online. You do not have to wait for hardware engineers to take action. Just lock your complaint online and get the thing done.

#5 Risk Of Downtime Is Minimized

Has disruptive downtime caused huge business losses? Now, as mobile Unified Communications is cloud based you can have the risk of downtime minimized. This is because you can secure access via any device. Thus, the moment someone or other finds fault can ask the vendor to check it. Things are done immediately. As the end user, you are benefitted as you do not have to wait till the system is corrected.

#6 Faster, Cheaper Access To Advanced Features

Another and most important reason of growth in mobile Unified Communications is faster access to advanced features. With mobile UC, you can get access to conferencing, messaging, presence, phone instantly. Thus, you do not have to wait to reach your desk and complete the task! Just use then while moving.

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