VoIP Industry Trends

10 VoIP Industry Trends

In VoIP industry trends, we will look at the industries where VoIP is used effectively.

IP telephony or VoIP is now used extensively in organizations for the convenience and efficiency it provides. Apart from the reduction in overall telephone bills, there are other important reasons that are attracting business to VoIP.

The cost and feature advantages of VoIP have attracted a number of businesses to implement and switch over completely from PSTN. Let us see which industries are using VoIP effectively, and have benefited from the technology.

Hotel Industry

In hotels, guests check-in from all over the world. It is natural that they need to make international calls. With PSTN most guests were subject to horrendous bills. With VoIP, the hotels are able to provide much less expensive call rates for international calls. Hotels are generally voice heavy in communication. They can use VoIP extensively for their own calls. Hotels are one of the most effective users of VoIP and comes right top of VoIP industry trends.

Sales and Distribution

In sales and distribution, communication is very important. Especially in logistics where one needs to keep track of what is going on in in real time, VoIP proves very useful. With auto attendant services, while someone is managing one area, they can hold the call from another area. Apart from this, it VoIP has minimized their call costs to nearly half or less enabling more communication.

Education Sector

Good communication is imperative to any institution. With VoIP, the cost to communicate with the various departments has reduced. Also, one does not have to call the PBX system to get to another department. VoIP has made things simpler for the teachers, students, and associates. Now, schools can arrange for exam preparation series over the phone and they will not be costly.

Real Estate

Although they mainly work with engineers and contractors, realtor too need to communicate. They need to be accessible to their clients. When clients need any information, they will want to reach their real estate agent. This is possible with VoIP, and communication has become affordable and cheaper. With ‘Find Me Follow Me’ feature, a client can reach their agent anytime, anywhere. Even the agents can be assured that they will not miss any call.

Legal Services

Legal services are also voice heavy. Lawyers need to talk to their clients to understand the case. By adopting VoIP, legal services have become more flexible as they can call their clients and gather information from different sources. With VoIP, even a small legal firm will be able to manage their communication like big corporate companies. As in other industries, VoIP does lead to costs saving in a big way. Legal Service does need aa lot of voice communication, and leads the pack of VoIP industry trends.

Financial Sector

Financial and banking sector is always in need to call people, either their customers or others in the industry. VoIP has made all these communications, faster, easier, and less expensive.

Healthcare Industries

VoIP comes with different features like virtual receptionist, voicemail transcription, paperless fax, all of which are very useful in Healthcare industries. Whether it’s a big hospital or a small nursing home, VoIP has reduced their telecom costs and made their patient interaction faster. Thus, they can offer better services to their clients.

Insurance Sector

This sector needs calling clients and prospects regularly. Thus, with VoIP, the cost of calling is reduced.

Consulting Services

Consulting services also need regular interaction with customers. VoIP has made this easier as now calling customers will not be an issue. You now have the capability to interact more with your clients and enhance your business.

Information Technology

Finally, this list will be incomplete if it is not mentioned that Information technology has been benefitted by VoIP services. It’s true that VoIP needs IT services, but the reverse holds good as well. One of the largest employers of people, IT services are spread around the world and communication, including video calls are very common. With development spread across multiple office, manager need to be on their toes to meet delivery deadlines. VoIP helps in this through virtual conferences and video conferences. This helps project managers stay on top of their work.

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