Enterprise Phone System

4 Steps To An Enterprise Phone System

When it comes to purchasing an enterprise phone system, one must look into a number of factors to make sure that the system that is purchased is, after all, worth its cost, and that your investment does not go south.

One must remember that there are a number of systems that come up with value-added features. This has a two-sided effect. While on one hand, this offers a lot of options to the customer, on the other, this may leave them confused. In the process, they may either end up purchasing a system that is too expensive and not needed or something that falls short of expectations. Hence, it is imperative that factors that need to be looked into are understood and handled well.

Is The Enterprise Phone System Scalable?

Scalability is one of the most important factors that needs to be considered when purchasing an enterprise phone system. Does the system give the option of adding or removing users as and when needed? For instance, when businesses shrink, the number of users might become less, while, when it grows, there is a need to add more. One needs to make sure that the enterprise phone system is open to this changing business scenario and can adapt to it accordingly.

Is It VoIP-based?

Also, one needs to make sure that the phone is VoIP technology-based. Business VoIP phone systems are all abuzz these days. These devices come with strong value-added features and are also much less expensive than their analog counterparts. Analog technology is gradually becoming obsolete and the VoIP-based technology is the face of new communication. It is thus imperative to make sure an enterprise phone system is purely based on VoIP technology before cutting the check.

Is The System Premise-based or Hosted?

Once you have decided to opt for a VoIP-based system, you need to decide whether it should be premise-based or hosted. In the case of a hosted VoIP service, one just has to plug in the VoIP phone into the Internet and that will be it! The service will be taken over and managed by a 3rd party service provider.

However, for a premise-based device, things are a bit different. In order to operate a premise- based device, one needs to have an IP-PBX or an IP-Private Branch Exchange along with VoIP phones. An IP-PBX box can be expensive unless your requirements are different, unique, and can offset the cost.

How Costly Is The Equipment?

The next step involves determining how costly the equipment is. This is applicable not just for regular phones but also for the IP-PBX phones. In the case of the hosted VoIP route, your computers can double up as end devices. If you make a lot of calls, as well as long calls, an IP capable phone is a better option.

Though there are other factors that need to be taken into account, one needs to keep in mind these four basic features to look into, one by one, before procuring an enterprise phone system.

Reliable Enterprise Phone System Through PhoneAM

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