Afraid of Jumping to VoIP?

There are still many business owners who are not ready to make a switch to VoIP. The reasons behind this are fears associated with making investment on a fairly-new communication technology. Business heads and owners are not sure as to how they can maintain a seamless communication service when it is completely dependent on the Internet. Well, this particular apprehension can be addressed by building certain strategies that will lead to uninterrupted telephone service.

Companies are wary of migrating to VoIP because they cannot afford to let their communication systems go down in the event of a loss of Internet connection. Well, this is a legitimate concern but industry leaders believe that it is more psychological than any physical element that is stopping them from making the switch.

Every business faces software, hardware or connectivity related issues, but all have developed some strategy or the other to deal with such unfortunate events. Companies are worried about becoming completely dependent on Internet-based communication system. However, companies that have a well developed business VoIP system in place then there is nothing to really fear.

The very first question that needs to be answered is “Why does the Internet connections go down in an office?” Dropped connections are a pretty common at residences but even businesses have to face this problem every now and then. Drop in the connection is usually temporary and is mostly resolved by the IT team. However, when such dropped connections occur regularly at offices, it can snowball into a major issue as the entire communication is dependent on it. The IT team at the office needs to find out whether it is due to some local network problems or the Internet connection provider needs to intervene.

A down communication occurs when the data or Internet connection in the entire building just fails. This implies that there is some problem with the Internet infrastructure beyond the control of the office. A failure in any of the external components used to provide Internet connection to an office can lead to complete disruption in service. It is the responsibility of the ISP and they should be pressured to take care of this. Once this problem is sorted, you can enjoy VoIP without any glitches.

Power is another factor that often determines the choice of telephone service as the old telephone system does not need any power system at the user’s end. VoIP on the other hand requires to be powered from the user’s end and businesses that wish to experience uninterrupted service needs to have a power back up system. Power outages are quite common and companies implementing VoIP need to have a backup power system to use their communication system. There are a variety of equipment that needs to have constant power supply for proper functioning. Thus, companies have to first implement a strategy to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

The choice of your Internet service provider too has long term implications on your VoIP communication system. Thus, it is very important to choose the ISP who enjoys a good reputation in the market. Often it has been seen that people tend to choose the least expensive service providers but these ISPs end up lowering their quality of service in order to balance their profits. The end users often are the biggest sufferers; hence, it is important to research a bit before choosing an Internet service provider.

Once you are able to put into place all the above strategies, you can use the VoIP without worrying about the dropped connections or power outages. The fear of shifting to VoIP should not deter you from enjoying its amazing benefits.

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