Why Should Company Start Using Video Conferencing

Expansion of companies often leads to dispersed workforce across multiple cities or countries all over the world.

Video Conferencing

Now, face-to-face meetings can turn expensive and ineffective when there is a situation which calls for collaboration among multiple individuals from different locations. Video conferencing is the perfect solution for companies that want their dispersed workforce to communicate, share and collaborate. In fact, a recent survey revealed that about 60% companies in the US prefer video conferencing to face-to-face meetings.  As the workforce of most of these companies was distributed over multiple locations, video conferencing provided them a feasible medium of conducting meetings and conferences.

Conferencing Infrastructure

The time taken to conduct face-to-face meetings often delay planning and execution of projects, which eventually result in losses for the company. It is very important for the companies to introduce human elements to their conferencing infrastructure, and, video conferencing tools facilitate this with ease. The use of audio conferencing was not all that inefficient but it failed to meet the standards of a face-to-face meeting when it came to collaborating and sharing information. Use of video conferencing, ensures smooth conferences and meetings where participants are able to get the same feel of face-to-face meetings.

Impact Of Video Conferencing

The psychological impact of video conferencing is huge as it is a proven fact that humans tend to believe more in what they see than what they hear. A sales meeting with a client over video conference can have a huge positive impact on his psyche. The sales executive from the company is able to provide a detailed presentation while backing the company’s claims with various graphical data and other information. A VC meeting is as good as a face-to-face meeting when it comes to providing a convincing presentation to customers or clients.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

The advancement of technology has made video conferencing a seamless technology that facilitates high quality of video and audio. The quality of voice and audio was a matter of concern even a decade back but the latest video conferencing solutions have eliminated all those hurdles. It is now possible to conduct a VC meeting without worrying about the audio or video quality. The improvement in the Internet technology has also boosted video conferencing solutions. The higher speed and better bandwidth provides an enriched VC experience.

Besides, all the above advantages, the latest VC solutions available in the market are equipped to handle seamless integration of various other communication tools. Since VC solutions can be installed on a local network, various other tools can be easily be integrated with it. For instance, Slideshare presentations, file sharing, online collaboration etc., are made quite easy with the use of VC. It is important to understand that VC solutions have been specially designed to cater to the conferencing needs of corporate houses.

Unified Communication

Meetings conducted over VC can be really fruitful as the participants are able to share huge amount of data on a real-time basis. They will not only be able to touch upon the different agenda of the meeting with ease but will also be able to carry out transparent deals. All the participants will be in the loop and decisions could be taken without delays with valuable inputs from every participant. Video conferencing will help executives remove any bottlenecks without unnecessary delays.

It is essential that the power of VC is understood by the owners and the top-level management of every company. They must realize that with the use of VC, not only can the company save on travelling costs but they will be able to extend a personalized experience to the employees. Production and work efficiency will definitely get a huge boost with the introduction of video conferencing in a company.

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