Security Cameras

Installing Security Cameras

Thanks to the changing social structure, and increasing magnitude of antisocial activities, more and more businesses are relying on security cameras. It’s becoming so they are not a luxury any more, but really a necessity. Security cameras are being deployed in the domestic sector as well today. Those days are long gone when they were being used only by the corporate sector, and by the authorities of cities and towns in public places.

The question is whether these devices can be installed anywhere? Are there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration? The answer to these questions is that there are indeed certain things that need to be considered before the installation of security cameras. Let’s look into it.

Enough Power for Your Security Cameras

One of the most common issues that plague installation of security cameras is the lack of adequate power outlets. This is more so when it comes to installing outdoor security cameras. It is not a very wise decision to purchase an outdoor CCTV system, only to find that there are not enough power outlets or power sources to support the installation. You need to have a good idea about the power source and outlet points, and its impact on an effective CCTV system before you opt for the installation. It is not always a simple DIY project and you may need to consult a specialist who will be able to help. Also remember, the power connections should not be tampered with easily.

Selecting The Best Lighting Options

There is a very close relationship between installation of security cameras and lighting. If you like your CCTV cameras to keep a round the clock vigil on your premises, you need to ensure that there is enough lighting for the cameras to ‘see’ during night. However, you can opt for infrared cameras, which are equipped to ‘see’ clearly through pitch-dark nights, regardless of the weather.


This is yet another issue that needs to be considered before the installation of the security cameras. The general weather that prevails in the region has to be taken into account, prior to selecting a CCTV surveillance system. In most instances, outdoor cameras need to be secured in a weather-proof protective casings.

Maintenance of Secrecy

Though there are some installations that display the security cameras in plain sight, this is not necessarily a wise idea. This is because a criminal will easily be able to locate the cameras, and will work to evade them. While it’s a good idea to caution ‘those interested’ with a sign warning that the area is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras, the cameras should be installed in such a way that they cannot be easily spotted by outsiders. Hence, selecting the locations or points of installation of the cameras needs to be considered.

Opting Between Wired And The Wireless

The final point that needs to be considered for installation of a security camera system is the cabling. Running the cables all through your household or business might be a time consuming task, and the entire setup might look cumbersome after the installation has been done. Thus, your focus might shift to the wireless variety of surveillance system. This is primarily because setting up a wireless or cable-free system is less time-consuming. Moreover, it is easier to set up concealed security cameras using cable-free connections rather than trying to do the same with a cabled system.

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