Home Surveillance Systems

Thanks to the deteriorating law and order, it has become imperative to keep a 24×7 strict vigil on all properties – public, private, commercial, and even homes. This has seen the emergence of a wide variety of state of the art home surveillance systems.

IP Cameras

The core of home surveillance systems are sophisticated cameras which are now based on IP technology.

The concept of a surveillance camera is quite old. However, the cameras of the yester years had severe limitations. The cameras we practically blind at night, and the images could only be watched on specially designed monitors.

Modern IP cameras are of very high definition. The introduction of night vision and infrared technology and IP based technology has brought in a sea change in the world of home surveillance. The images are now sharper, and can be sent over the Internet to places miles away. Hence, it is possible to see live pictures captured by cameras even in a different continent. The introduction of all weather and infrared cameras ensure that images can be taken even when it is pitch dark and can be sent, recorded and played over as many times as needed.

Today, home surveillance video can be seen on any display device as long you can connect that to the Net.

Wired or Wireless

When it comes describing the modern surveillance cameras, they are of two types – wired and wireless. The types of cameras used basically depend upon the purpose and the place where they are set up.

The security system itself can also of two types – Monitored and Unmonitored. Of the two, a monitored system is much more expensive. If you analyze the efficiency of the two types of systems, both have their own good and bad points. There are a number of points that need to be taken into account before deciding which one you use.

Wired Cameras

Wired cameras are generally trickier to set up as there is a need to guarantee the wiring is done properly and hidden from prying eyes. However, these cameras are capable of offering much better quality pictures since they send signals at much higher bandwidths.

Remote Access & Management

Modern state-of-art home surveillance systems allow uninterrupted remote access. Users have the ability to activate as well as deactivate their systems according to their need and can alter the area under the surveillance.

Apart from cameras, home surveillance systems also include mechanism to make a premise absolutely foolproof by managing locks and other security facilities.

Modern home surveillance systems, in every form and type, are almost indispensable in today’s socio-political context. The only thing is that people need to keep in mind is that they have to opt for the appropriate type of surveillance system for the right purpose.

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