CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Systems – Analog vs Digital

Cases of terrorism, gate crashing, vandalism and other types of illicit activities have seen a sharp rise worldwide over the last few decades. As a result of this, companies are considering installation of state of the art surveillance systems. Even domestic households are not lagging far behind. The fact that a number of companies are coming up with new innovations in the field of surveillance, give people more options to choose from.

CCTV Surveillance Types

There are mainly two types of CCTV surveillance Frazer PA – digital and analog.

In the past, analog system was the only option available to users. As the name suggests, this video surveillance was equipped with analog based CCTV, which used to record on old fashioned video tapes. This technology can only record events.

The most vital limitation of the analog system is that it cannot broadcast live. This made remote surveillance not possible. The quality of image is often far inferior. Moreover, this also asks for frequent human intervention as the recording tapes need to be changed at regular intervals.

The Digital Edge

The scenario has drastically changed with the introduction of digital CCTV recording system. This digital system, uses a digital camera to capture the images. It then broadcasts them live to a remote location in the form of digital signals, over a Local Area Network (LAN) line.

Depending upon the type of server used, the images can be viewed live, recorded, reviewed, and even re-transmitted to anywhere in the world. Besides, the software that is used can also be upgraded for analysis of data collected. This makes tasks like selection of a particular flagged image possible. Apart from all these, digital surveillance systems allow a wide array of other functions.

Difference Between Analog & Digital

The basic difference between the two types of systems lies in the type of camera used. The analog cameras convert video signals into a specific format compatible with TV, monitor and VCR. However, digital cameras, which are actually IP-based convert the analog video signals into digital signals. This is done with the help of a specific encoder which comes up with an on-board web server. Thus the IP cameras basically operate like a network device helping with the viewing of images over an existing network or a web browser. This feed can be accessed by devices connected to the internet.

Even if all these can be overlooked, a digital system will definitely score far better than an analog one simply by virtue of its image quality. Moreover, the modern infrared cameras that are the pillars of the modern IP based surveillance system are equipped to capture clear images even in pitch darkness. This makes these vital when it comes to keeping 24×7 vigilance.

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