5 Essential Elements of Business Communication

A robust and efficient business communication system is a prerequisite for the success of a business and there are many companies that are learning this lesson the hard way. Yes, there are many companies that have suffered a lot because of their poor business communication processes. They had to lose out on their customers, which even affected their bottom line as well. Thus, if you too do not want to face similar consequences, it is imperative that you carry out a thorough analysis of your communication procedures. Given below are some of the metrics to analyze a communication system, some outside technical considerations:

business communication

  • Structure – The structure of your business communication plays a very significant role. There are many communication systems that are standalone systems like the PBX telephone systems. These old systems have a very complex structure and are vulnerable to a variety of problems. A good communication system should be less complex and should be easy to integrate with other systems. A modular structure is better as that would help in easy detection and maintenance of issues.
  • Clarity – You need to check whether the voice mails as well as the calls that you receive or make are clear or not. Clarity is the first thing that makes a communication system good and efficient. If your customers are not able to hear what you say, clearly then there is bound to be a communication gap, which later would create problems. At times people may simply hang up just because they are not able to hear what the person on the other side is saying. Imagine if this happens while your employees are making sales calls. Competition in the market is really high and your customers can be easily won over by your competitors.
  • Consistency – You must check how consistent your system has been through the past few months or years. A good communication system should provide consistent performance. There can be failures but the frequency of failures should be very very low. As an extension, you can also check how often you’re your system breaks down. What is called mean time between failures should be extremely high.
  • Medium – The kind of medium that your business communication system uses for transmitting the signals is very important. If the medium used is inefficient then there is bound to be a communication gap as well as loss of business. For instance, if your old PBX system cannot transfer the calls to your remote office on an urgent basis then there is no use of the system. Delays can be fatal in business and when it’s being caused by an inefficient system, it hurts even more.
  • Relevancy – You should decide whether your business communication system will be relevant after 5 years or not. Relevancy is a very important when you are going to invest a huge money to build your communication infrastructure. It is important that the relevancy factor is considered first when you decide to switch or install a new communication system.

Unified Communication architecture is the latest technology that can revolutionize your business communication. It is one system that can integrate all your communication tools on a single platform. VoIP and many other new technologies can be integrated to build a robust communication system. It would not only be relevant for the next 5 years but would also help to tide over a variety of communication problems. The clarity and consistency offered by UC is unmatchable. UC uses a medium that is supported by the Internet, fiber optics and other new latest transmission equipment. This helps it to provide high quality signals over long distances. UC can be connected with the existing computer network and uses the Internet extensively.