Cloud vs. Onsite Voice – Let PhoneAmerica Help You Decide

If you currently have an older phone system and you’re looking to improve your communications technology in 2018, it’s a good idea to call in the experts at PhoneAmerica before making any commitments. The reason: choosing between today’s premises and cloud platforms is not always straightforward. There are a lot of variables to consider that

10 Ways Business VoIP Offers More for Less

Today’s businesses require more efficient and cost-effective communication solutions to serve customers better and to respond faster to changing markets. Switching from analog landlines to digital VoIP over a broadband Internet connection offers a number of transformative benefits for businesses of any size… Easy implementation: You do not need a sophisticated infrastructure to implement VoIP.

How the Cloud is Changing Business Communication

With advancements in technology new business solutions like the cloud allow for greater work efficiency, security and cost savings. Businesses that fail to take advantage of cloud communication services risk falling behind while smarter companies are surging ahead. There are several important ways the cloud is changing the way businesses communicate… Makes remote work possible

Protect Your People and Property with Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have undergone radical technology improvements over the past few decades. Gone are the days when you had to rely on a CCTV camera that provided blurry black and white images, which did little to identify perpetrators of theft and vandalism. Seeing is believing… Today’s video surveillance systems provide reliable, feature-rich, cost effective

Mitel Support Q&A Regarding its Purchase of Toshiba

With Toshiba’s surprise exit from the telecom market, Mitel has stepped in, acquiring Toshiba Telecom’s assets and support obligations. The deal has been completed. To keep you informed on Mitel’s obligations, here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Watch the video: Mitel VP Mike Conlon talks about the Toshiba acquisition What you need to

Why SIP Trunks Are Becoming a Popular Phone Line Replacement

SIP Trunks are becoming a popular replacement for traditional phone lines because they offer cost savings, flexibility and features… On top of unlimited nationwide calling – including Canada – you can save up to 40% on your monthly phone bill. You can also transfer calls between your locations and/or enable advanced call routing features. Automatic

Can VoIP Work for Your Company?

VoIP phone systems are going main stream among businesses of all types and sizes, and are on track to replace the traditional PBX. The reasons are clear: in addition to cost savings, VoIP phone systems offer powerful capabilities that improve productivity, efficiency and management to help businesses become more responsive and competitive. VoIP systems send

It’s Your Call… Cloud, Premises or Hybrid

Phone systems have traditionally been deployed at a company location, but today the popularity of the cloud makes it a compelling choice.  Many multi-site businesses have chosen a combination of both – a hybrid deployment consisting of a premises system at headquarters and the cloud for branch offices and home workers. Voice over IP (VoIP)

Some Tips That Will Ease Your Migration to the Cloud

The Cloud makes it easy to manage Voice and IT and expand your operations quickly, smoothly, and with click-of-the-mouse ease. But moving applications and workloads to the Cloud requires a well thought out plan to avoid unnecessary complexity, cost, and risk. Follow these tips to make your migration to the Cloud easier… Incremental Adoption –