VIPedge Cloud-Based Telephone Solution

Cloud-Based Telephone Solution

All the Advantages without Having to Purchase a Telephone System

Toshiba’s VIPedge™ Cloud-Based Telephone Solution provides industry-leading, feature-rich functionality based upon the on-premise Toshiba IPedge® business telephone system architecture. VIPedge supports many of the same high-quality Toshiba endpoint devices as the IPedge, including Toshiba’s IP5000-series desk telephones and IP4100-series wireless telephones. VIPedge offers an alternative to buying a telephone system. Customers pay a monthly service fee, based upon size and usage, instead of purchasing or leasing a telephone system.

Toshiba’s VIPedge Cloud Telephone systems are offering several benefits to businesses of all sizes. Cloud telephone systems are extremely beneficial and this is why businesses are fast switching to the cloud.

What is Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is an extension of the popular cloud computing (think about Google docs and Dropbox) where the telephone system too is virtually hosted. There are several benefits of migrating from the old hardware-based telephone system to the cloud-based business phone systems.

Benefits of cloud telephony:

Huge Cost Savings:

The biggest challenge that smaller companies face while maintaining their business communication system is the lack of an in-house IT team. Most of the companies are not able to afford dedicated IT personnel and this leads to frequent problems. Whenever there is a failure in the hardware-based phone system, it leads to loss of money and man hours. Someone from your team will have to leave their current work and contact the service provider to fix the problem.

The on-site phone systems are hardware dependent, which automatically reduces the chances of getting them fixed quickly in case of a problem. Your service provider will have to come in person and fix the problem, which is again an expensive proposition. Smaller businesses can ill afford such unwanted expenses and this is why they need a system that can be controlled immediately.

Migrating to the cloud telephony system like Toshiba’s VIPedge saves a lot of money. You will just need a router and pay up a monthly subscription fee based on the number of users. The calls within the office and other sites are absolutely free.  Thus, you will be able to save thousands of dollars.

Easy Installation:

Installation of the cloud based phone system is extremely easy because you do not have to spend even a single penny on hardware and no one needs to visit the site for installation. Implementation is super easy and quick and can be carried out remotely.

Minimum Downtime

Maximum up-time in case of cloud telephony is guaranteed and you can be sure of uninterrupted service during the working hours.

Nothing can be more frustrating than a downed phone system during the business hours because you will neither be able to communicate with your customers or vendors nor any communication between the offices. However, when you are using the cloud telephone system, your cloud service provider will provide instant help during downtimes.

Brand image:

A business succeeds by the type of image it is able to create and project among its target customer. If you are able to deliver high quality of service to your customers over the phone then it is going to have a very positive impact on your reputation. Customers do not like to hear calls being dropped or executives not attending their calls – this can destroy any brand within a few months.

Cloud telephony offers the unique facility of picking up calls from any location and small businesses can put this feature to real good use to keep delivering high quality customer care service.

Unlimited Growth:

It is extremely important that your communication system is able to grow with the growth in your business operations. Cloud telephone systems achieve that with ease because you will be able to add extensions as per your convenience. So scaling back is an option open to you whenever you need to do it.  It is more efficient and better than the on-premise system where you will have to add more lines physically using hardware implementation.

Cloud based telephone system like Toshiba’s VIPedge is the future of business communication system and it is wise to adopt it before your competitors do.

Feature-Rich Package Starting at $29.99*

Get robust communication features without having to own and maintain an on-site telephone system.  Call Phone America for details.
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*This configuration is based on per user per month and does not include costs associated with any required network assessment, installation or system set-up, or your selection of Toshiba telephones.