Why Should Company Start Using Video Conferencing

Expansion of companies often leads to dispersed workforce across multiple cities or countries all over the world. Now, face-to-face meetings can turn expensive and ineffective when there is a situation which calls for collaboration among multiple individuals from different locations. Video conferencing is the perfect solution for companies that want their dispersed workforce to communicate,

Considering A New Phone System? Do Your Homework First.

Communication system is a vital aspect for maintaining smooth business operations. An efficient communication system can really improve your business and boost profits. The world is moving away from the old PSTN system. Internet based VoIP is the new paradigm in office communications. Prior to choosing a phone system, several factors need to be considered

IP vs Digital Phones

A communication system is the heart of success for any business, no matter the type or size of the company. Telephones are the essential bridges for communication between you and your clients. The company has to make sure that their executives are easily available or accessible to the customers whenever required. Today, there are normally

IP Telephones – Smart Answers for Small Business

What is much required to handle a small business? Is it capital, business idea, employees, the employer or a modern business communication system? Though the first four are important, lack of proper communication can kill your business. Today, an IP telephone system turns out to be a very crucial component of a modern business, playing

What is VoIP Phishing? How Does It Work?

Phishing is the term used to define the attack carried out by malicious programs that breach the data privacy of individuals who end up giving up their personal data after mistakenly activating the programs. Phishing is becoming rampant for VoIP users and it has extended to such an extent that people have given it a

Why Should You Consider A Unified Approach To Your Communications Systems?

Unified communication is the latest extension of the VoIP communication solutions and users love the new experience. Unified communication is all about integrating all your communication channels, tools and endpoint devices on a single platform. You will be able to manage and maintain all the devices from the easy-to-use interface. The popularity of unified communication

Fiber Optic Cable Specifications – A Primer

  It is important to take a look at different options when it comes to wiring. It cannot be denied that we are moving to wireless in many areas, but wireless cannot match the speeds of a hard cable. Within an office or a home, if you want to have good speeds, it is certainly

The Complete Guide on Wireless and Outdoor Cameras

  Both homes and businesses need to know how to protect themselves. Setting up a surveillance system is therefore important. If you are a business that has a lot of dealings with the public, such as a restaurant or a retail outlet, it is vital to make sure that you have some kind of CCTV

A Complete Guide to IP based Phone System

Telephone systems are an indispensable part of our lives – be it in the office or at home. We need these systems to keep in touch with others. Since the first telephone call made by Graham Bell, telephone technology has come a long way. Now, we even have satellite phones to communicate with another person