5 Advantages of Digital Video Surveillance

Surveillance and security is a prerequisite for running a business without having to worry about thefts and vandalism. Surveillance systems took a huge leap as it moved from its poor quality grainy videos to the clearer and sleek looking digital format. The digital video surveillance systems are helping billions of businesses across the world keep

Privacy vs Security in the Cloud

The rising popularity of cloud in the last few years has also thrown up some uncomfortable questions, both for the service providers as well as users. The primary concern of cloud service providers as well as users has been privacy and security in the cloud. It would be an understatement to say that it was

New Unified Communications Solutions From Toshiba

One of the greatest utility of a VoIP or IP based business phone system is Unified Communication. UC allows you to use computer applications, data files, video, and other resources as part of your voice call. Till now, using Unified Communications required multiple resources on hand such a phone system, a computer, and log-in to

Facts & Myths about IP Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Security and safety are very high on everyone’s priority list. If you are worried or overwhelmed by all the technical specifications while choosing an IP CCTV camera, it is better to learn a few things about the same. IP surveillance CCTV is still shrouded in mystery and not many are aware of its features or

What is Interactive Voice Response?

Every time I called up the customer care department of my insurance firm, I was amazed at the automated voice system that guided me to the right person for resolving my issues. Now, how is it possible for a recorded voice to be played up at the right time that leads us to the right

Afraid of Jumping to VoIP?

There are still many business owners who are not ready to make a switch to VoIP. The reasons behind this are fears associated with making investment on a fairly-new communication technology. Business heads and owners are not sure as to how they can maintain a seamless communication service when it is completely dependent on the

Why Should Company Start Using Video Conferencing

Expansion of companies often leads to dispersed workforce across multiple cities or countries all over the world. Now, face-to-face meetings can turn expensive and ineffective when there is a situation which calls for collaboration among multiple individuals from different locations. Video conferencing is the perfect solution for companies that want their dispersed workforce to communicate,

Considering A New Phone System? Do Your Homework First.

Communication system is a vital aspect for maintaining smooth business operations. An efficient communication system can really improve your business and boost profits. The world is moving away from the old PSTN system. Internet based VoIP is the new paradigm in office communications. Prior to choosing a phone system, several factors need to be considered

IP vs Digital Phones

A communication system is the heart of success for any business, no matter the type or size of the company. Telephones are the essential bridges for communication between you and your clients. The company has to make sure that their executives are easily available or accessible to the customers whenever required. Today, there are normally