Enterprise Phone System

4 Steps To An Enterprise Phone System

When it comes to purchasing an enterprise phone system, one must look into a number of factors to make sure that the system that is purchased is, after all, worth its cost, and that your investment does not go south. One must remember that there are a number of systems that come up with value-added

Small Business VoIP

Small Business VoIP – 7 Success Points

More and more businesses today are shifting towards small business VoIP based telecommunication systems, replacing their age-old traditional PBX-based telephones. Frankly speaking, VoIP is one of the greatest things that have happened in the world of telecommunication. This new communication technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with people and at hardly any cost. When

Structured Cabling System

Structured Cabling System Market Forecast

Structured cabling system consists of a variety of cables as well as connectivity products that are used to build a standard communication cabling infrastructure in a building or office. A variety of management systems are integrated to facilitate transmission of data, video and voice signals. Like any other industry, the structured cabling system industry has

IP Phone System

Grievances of IP Phone System Users

VoIP is the new–age technology. There is no doubt about it. More and more businesses are opting for this new mode of telecommunication. It is cost effective and, more importantly, it is based on Internet or IP technology. Besides, it molds various modes of communications into one. However, the thing is that an IP phone

VoIP Providers

VoIP Providers & Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Security has always been a debatable point for VoIP providers. Since it’s an Internet-based communication technology, it is vulnerable to various security threats. However, with a little caution and adherence to standard procedures, VoIP providers can safeguard you against vulnerabilities. In this article, we will be taking a look at a few vulnerabilities that could

Security Cameras

Installing Security Cameras

Thanks to the changing social structure, and increasing magnitude of antisocial activities, more and more businesses are relying on security cameras. It’s becoming so they are not a luxury any more, but really a necessity. Security cameras are being deployed in the domestic sector as well today. Those days are long gone when they were

Business Phones

Business Phones and Mobile Networks

The use of the Internet for business phones is quite accepted and common. It is slowly gaining acceptance across all businesses. Though pioneered by large companies that saw an immediate cut in expenditures, small and medium businesses have now latched on and are using it to increase their business. Business phones are going to a

SIP Phone

SIP Phone Boosts Revenue Growth

A new report on the growth of global business in terms of revenue earning shows a sharp upward trend because of SIP phone. SIP trunking is undoubtedly bringing in revenue growth to its users. More and more business organizations are implementing SIP trunking along with hosted PBX solutions, for supporting their VoIP as well as

VoIP Industry Trends

10 VoIP Industry Trends

In VoIP industry trends, we will look at the industries where VoIP is used effectively. IP telephony or VoIP is now used extensively in organizations for the convenience and efficiency it provides. Apart from the reduction in overall telephone bills, there are other important reasons that are attracting business to VoIP. The cost and feature